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Hello, here we are!


Hey, we are from Nurul Fikri Boarding School – Anyer :D. We make this blog because we are take a part in a big competition in our beloved school, LRC 2012!! You know what it is? LRC is a competition held by the committee NFBS. We are so interesting about this competition,  because this competition can increase our skill in technology, especially on BLOGGING.
Admin of this blog including Humairo Roihanah (Hana), Indah Shafira Zata Dini (Indah), Nurhanifah Hamdah (Hani), and Zahrah Citra Hafizha (Rara).
You can contact us on our twitter @hanakudo, @indahshafira, @hanihamdah, and @zahrahcitra.
hope you like our post in this blog, we will posting about Nurul Fikri, many post of education, and many more.
At last, our hope we can winning this competition. Wish we luck ^^ hwaiting!
Enjoying it! Thank you fo visiting our blog :D

Post by admin :)

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